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R&D Strategy Management

RDM001 Promoting Innovation
RDM002 Technology Innovation and Product Innovation
RDM003 Market-oriented Process Organization of R&D
RDM004 Change Management in R&D
RDM005 Strategy Management in R&D

R&D Practice Management

RDM010 Market-Driven NPD Process Management
RDM011 R&D Project Management
RDM012 Software Project Management
RDM013 R&D Project Plan & Control
RDM014 Requirements Management
RDM015 Testing
RDM016 Piloting
RDM017 R&D Quality Management
RDM018 NPD Simulation
RDM020 Managing Multiple Projects in R&D
RDM021 Common Building Block
RDM022 How to upgrade Process Capability of R&D
RDM023 The Application of System Engineering in NPD

R&D Support Management

RDM051 R&D Performance Management
RDM052 Success Product Manager
RDM053 R&D Excellent Employee
RDM054 Intellectual Property Management
RDM055 Finance and Cost Management
RDM056 The Leadership and Executive of R&D Manager
RDM057 Communication Management of R&D
RDM058 Training and Career Path of R&D Employee
RDM059 Upgrade Core Management Skills of R&D Employee

Product Market Management

MM001 Product Marketing Management
MM002 Product Strategy and Road Map Management
MM003 Product Launch and Marketing Management
MM004 Product Pre-Sale Management

R&D IT Management

IT001 IT Strategy and Plan of R&D
IT002 PDM: Product Data Management
IT003 R&D IT Architecture

PM Project Management Classic Classes

PM001 Excellence Project Management Practice
PM002 Defining and Managing IT Projects Requirements
PM003 Cost Estimation for IT Project

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