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In-House Training
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In-House Training

Based on the professional training service practice for over a thousand Chinese hi-tech enterprises, Hicheng Consulting summarized a unique tailored training solution that is particularly suitable for the Chinese enterprises – FDEAT™. We will strictly follow this standard process for all the clients to guarantee our training effect.

1. Focus: After the thorough understanding of the client’s needs, Hicheng Consulting will build a special project team to respond to the client’s needs, which will Include training consultants, training lecturers and training implementation service staff. All the team members will have their own clear specialization as well as work together as a whole team.
2. Develop: When providing training service, Hicheng Consulting adheres to the core concept that “to focus and satisfy the client’s needs” and “compared to the time cost and concepts cost, the training expense is only a small part of the training cost”. As a result, all the training courses we developed are tailored ones according to the real business fact of the enterprise.
3. Execute: Every year, Hicheng Consulting will hold over 100 public classes in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. and we have developed a perfect training implementation and management process. After the training, we will summarize the results and deliver a Training Report to the client.
4. Action Plan: After the training, the lecturers from Hicheng Consulting will continue to help the enterprise to develop an Action Plan, which will help the implementation and realization of the key content of the training. If the client has any problems, the lecturer is ready to provide continuing support via telephone and email.
5. Tracing: Most of the normal trainings are incomplete. After the excitement and motivation during the training, no real act is taken in the following work. Hicheng Consulting emphasize that in-time summarization in which the enterprise could develop some practical key points. After the immediate implementation of these points and continuing tracing of the results, any problem could be recorded and feed back to the lecturer to get further help.

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